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Bless Up Breathable Stretch Shirt BLACK (S)

Bless Up Breathable Stretch Shirt BLACK (S)

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An enigmatic composer of art, music, and advocacy, Jean-Michel Basquiat has inspired creatives around the globe for decades. The Radiant Child, no stranger to the beauty derived from chaos, imbued this color into every medium of his work. This collection revels in the delicate art of abstract expression through movement, sound, and the rhythm and flow birthed from the combination of the two.
We are proud to present this collection with the iconic art of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Bless Up is Roark’s all around, moisture wicking, mechanical stretch, perforated woven that is anything but average. The “Bless Up’s” Tactel fibers are lighter, softer and stronger than your everyday cotton woven providing a long lasting yet light & airy experience. It's a shirt packed with technical features, but made to be worn for any occasion.

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