Collection: Gato Heroi


The name sums it up well ... A stable board with continual rocker, a rolled bottom and low volume rails that allow the rider to stay and surf in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly, it has a subtle scoop and flip in the tail for stable noseriding. Thin rails and the curve out of the tail facilitate really aggressive snappy turns and crazy manoeuvrability. We generally offer this in off the rack in 2 1/2 up to 2 7/8, more bladey than the operator but maintaining soft rails that won't track. SLightly narrower this is a more performance option to the Operator. As much as is going on in this board, everything is very subtle and blended, a very lo key looking board with great performance We also offer this in a square tail - the Chop Op. The wide point moves back providing more area in the tail, tighter turns and more stability on the nose.