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Surfing and surfboards have always been a way of my life. It began with my Dad, who has been making boards for as long as I can remember. From the age of ten, I would sit at the door and watch him shape, glass and sand boards in a tin shed out the back of our house. Being so in love with the process, it was only natural I got on the planer and learned myself. After that first surf on that first board, I knew this was all I wanted to do: make surfboards and surf them. The feeling of riding something you have made with your own hands is truly amazing.

The friends and family I'm surrounded with have played a huge role in my growth as a shaper. When it comes to my brand and aesthetic, I draw on an eclectic range of influences, spanning surfing to skating, hip hop, youth culture, and beyond. 

My older brother Mitch was my main test pilot through my formative years as a shaper and what a test pilot he was. As Mitch moved through the ranks of the Australian Junior Series, World Qualifying Series, and eventually the WSL World Tour, he opened doors for me to shape boards for some of the best surfers in the world, some of whom are still competing on Tour today. Surfers Such as Mick Fanning, Connor Coffin, Ryan Callinan and Jack Freestone.


Last year, 2020, marked a decade since ACSOD was born. Years of feedback from a world class stable of team riders has deeply embedded itself in the DNA of the boards I manufacture today. 

Brother Mitch is now a full-time team rider and test pilot, helping push my designs to the next level. While my dream is to one day become the premiere shaper on the Gold Coast and further this region’s reputation as the mecca of board design and craftsmanship.


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