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Surfing Life Winter Issue

Surfing Life Winter Issue

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Jingi wahlu? [Hi, how are you?] 

We greet you the way Kombumerri people—one of the nine Original clans in the Gold Coast region—have, and continue to do, since the Dreaming. Many moons after the first “Jingi wahlu”, this vast stretch of surfable “Sea Country” became the birthplace of Surfing Life. Publishing surf tales (some taller than others) and high-voltage action shots is a salt-lickin’ unquenchable thirst.

Surfing relies on balance—intersecting lines where art meets science, sport meets pastime, grind meets relaxation, meditation meets activity, and crowded locations meet solitary pursuits. Likewise, each publication interconnects surfing’s pillars: Travel, Surfers, Culture, Waves, Technique and Boards. Add historical “Moments”—Kelly Slater’s retirement mind games—and exclusive SL “Sections”, we celebrate the sea in all her moods as we tap into her energy, paddling out in our dark-sheathed seal suits...

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