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Gato Heroi

Smooth Op 9'6

Smooth Op 9'6

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The name sums it up well ... A stable board with slight rocker, a rolled bottom and rails that allow the rider to stay in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly for stable nose-riding and thin rails facilitate drop-knee turns and maneuverability. This is a classic model, slightly narrower with a little more volume in the rail for smooth, easy glide on smaller days. Also available as a square tail - the Chop Op. The wide point moves back providing more area in the tail allowing for tighter turns and more stability on the nose. Smooth operator (and chop op) are 'desert island' longboards - the perfect all-rounders for anything from 1ft up to and even slightly above head high.

Clear deck, volan bottom, volan patches, triple 3mm cedar stringer

Recommended Fins ? C, D (9.7-10?)


DM- Greenside for a deal when purchasing a matching Gato fin.

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