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Ninefoot Studio

Rote Bottom Army Green (S)

Rote Bottom Army Green (S)

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Introducing the Rote Surf Bikini Bottom – the culmination of our collection, carefully curated for the perfect cut we've eagerly anticipated. The Rote stands out as an ideal choice for any wave condition. Its strong elastic waist ensures a secure fit, striking the right balance between comfort and stability throughout your surf session.

Paired seamlessly with our Savu Crop Top, the ensemble exudes a retro, old-school running aesthetic, adding a unique touch to our collection. Crafted with precision using high-quality recycled fabrics, the Rote Bottom guarantees long-lasting durability. Our thoughtfully expanded color palette introduces new pastel tones while preserving timeless classics.

Tested rigorously in various wave conditions, this bikini bottom stays securely in place, allowing you to ride the waves confidently. Embrace both style and performance with the Rote Surf Bikini Bottom – a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and unique design.
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